Saturday, January 15, 2011

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

I've been craving a great creme polish lately and OPI Ski Teal We Drop fits the bill!

Ski Teal We Drop is a lovely deep dark teal polish. It appears darker in person and is very elegant! At first I was unsure of it, but once I had it on I loved it!


  1. i tried to find this color today but couldnt find it. The lady told me it was out of stock!!!! *cry*

  2. I absolutely love this color! I think it's on my wish list, if it isn't, then it will be! :)

  3. tagged ya!

  4. Silence is Loud - Aww I hate that! You may be able to find it online!

    Morgan - It's definitely a must have!

    Toesthattwinkle - Thanks girl!

    Carissakuo - Me too!

    Polish Lava - Thank you!!