Friday, January 28, 2011

OPI Katy Perry: Not Like The Movies

Today I am wearing the final polish from the Katy Perry Collection, Not Like The Movies. This color is very different. It's a silver base that flashes green and pinkish purple. There is also some tiny silver glitter floating around. I would say this is my favorite from the collection!

This polish has such an apparent duochrome that I could turn my nails one way and they would look completely green, then turn them the other and they were purple. It was fun moving my nails back and forth while saying, "Green, purple, green, purple" when each color flashed lol! The polish applied nicely and took 2 coats for my desired coverage.

Here it is with Black Shatter!

I bought a mini pack of the Katy Perry collection and will be doing a giveaway with it right after my current giveaway closes. So if you are loving these polishes stay on the look out for that!


  1. Wow your pictures look amazing! :D
    This polish suddenly looks very appealing to me.

  2. love it! it looks soo awesome on you.. i stopped by jcpenny today and found the whole collection. i got this one, teenage dream, and (the last) black shatter. then, as soon as i got home i went straight to your blog to see if you had posted this one earlier this week. it's soo unique and like i said, looks awesome on you!

  3. This one is looking so good on your nails. Love the colour!

  4. woaaahhhh.... this looks appealing to me... omg. I WANT!!!! i love the second pic..

  5. This is so pretty! Reminds me of space(=

  6. Gigi - Thank you so much! You should definitely try it out!

    Amanda - Awesome! Thank you so much! You picked my 2 favorites from this collection!

    Sylvia - Thank you!

    Polish Lava - Thanks! You need to get this!

    makeupbykatie - Thanks! It's very unique!

  7. This is the only color in the collection that I could see myself wearing. And I hate to say it but I just can't jump on the black crackle bandwagon...I just am not a fan!

  8. What a lovely color! This color is looking very good on your nails. I like the pictures. I like your blog and I become a follower!

  9. i never tried o.p.i.... but this color, OMGEEZ this is sooooo pretty! i wonder how they make nails colors like that