Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Beauty Nail Polish - Banana Cream

Recently, Sephora gave us a sneak peak of their exclusive Hello Kitty Beauty line. The line launches in mid January, but they did a pre-sale in December. I was lucky enough to snag a few items. I only got one nail polish (the rest were sold out) in Banana Cream. However, I love anything Hello Kitty, so I was very happy to get just one. The bottle is worth it completely!

Cutest polish bottle ever!!!

Natural light.

Inside with flash.

As you can see the name describes it perfectly. A light creamy banana yellow. Not very unique, but still a cute shade for spring! The application was very good and went on smooth! I'm excited for the rest of the collection to launch, so I can try out some of the cute glitters!

Are you all going to try any of these polishes??


  1. What a cute color! I wish I could pull this off!

  2. omg, i want these HK polishes sooo bad. cant wait for them to come out ;)

  3. SOO cute! I want one just for the bottle!

  4. how cute! i might have to try this one.. i love yellow polish for the spring.

  5. Omg! That bottle is so cute!!! :)

  6. Toesthattwinkle - Thanks!

    Katrina - I know! I can't wait to get more!

    Polish Lava - It's definitely the cutest bottle ever.

    Amanda - Me too!

    Shiny - I love it!