Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sally Hansen LCD

Time for a random swatch!

I really like the polish LCD by Sally Hansen, but it's quite sheer. I decided in order to make it pop I would layer it on top of a pink creme. I started with Essie Need A Vacation which is a bright light pink. Then I used LCD on top. It really made the color stand out. Pink, sparkly, and fun!


  1. You did make a great comeback for this pretty pink. I agree, it is fun. :)

  2. Nice blog!
    I like this colour on your nails. I can't seem to wear pink for some reason though...

  3. Kimberly - Thank you!! You always leave such sweet comments!

    Fer - Thanks for checking out my blog! Pinks work well for me because of the pink undertones in my skin. However, some colors like warm yellows look terrible on me!