Monday, September 6, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX Swatches

This is one of those collections that I just love. I bought 5 out of the 6 piece collection. I didn't buy Halley's Comet because it's identical to OPI Catch Me In Your Net, which I own.

Rocket Science - A mossy golden green. Loaded with sparkle this is a great fall green. 3 coats.

Lunar Eclipse - Bright blue with purple and hot pink shimmer. The purple/pink effect is more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail. 2 coats.

Out of this World - Black base with grape purple shimmer particles. This will appear almost black at certain angles. However, when the light hits the purple shine just explodes. 2 coats.

Galaxy Girl - Deep burgundy base with blue and green shimmer. A very different color for anyone's collection. 2 coats.

Space Cadet - This color is so complex I added two pictures; one with flash, one without. This color is very different and I love it. The base is a teal blue, which you will see immediately upon opening your bottle and applying the first coat. Filled with a pinky mauve shimmer, this polish is definitely the most unique out of the bunch. As I kept moving my hand I would get flashes of green, gold, and pink. 3 coats.

This is a fabulous collection. All of the colors are fun and different. I love anything loaded with shimmer, so this was great. They applied easily and smooth. The only downside is these retail at $10 a bottle. However, Head2Toe Beauty has them for $5 each.
Have you gotten yours yet??

*Edit: These are now $10 a bottle on Head2Toe. In fact, they raised the prices of all their Orly polishes :(

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