Thursday, October 14, 2010

Philosophy Box of Truffles

This is a look I did using an eyeshadow palette from my favorite skin care line, Philosophy. The palette is called Box of Truffles and is a 4 piece set of browns.

1. Highlight - Latte a cream colored shadow.
2. Lid - Cocoa a shimmery warm brown.
3. Crease/Outer Corner/Lower lashes - Chocolate a deep brown.
4. Eyeliner - Pure Show by MAC from the Fabulous Felines collection. A gorgeous pure gold liquid liner.
5. Mascara - Bad Gal by Benefit

I really was pleased with this palette. I thought it wouldn't be too great since it's from a primarily skin care focused line. However, it turned out really pretty.
The gold liner from MAC is fabulous! Went on smooth and was just a great flash of gold!


  1. Your eyes look great! this is fabulous for night and day!thanks for posting this review!

    I love your blog and enjoy reading the posts! Please check out mine- Im having a giveaway!\

  2. OMG!!! this is absolutely fabulous!!! I just love golden shadows and this is looking gorgeous on your eyes...Lovely blog honey!!!!

  3. Toesthattwinle - Thanks girl! I will definitely check yours out!

    Rakhshanda - Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it!

  4. That is drop dead GORGEOUS! I need to find this palette!