Friday, June 10, 2011

Essie Borrowed & Blue

Just a quick polish swatch for you today.
Here is Borrowed & Blue from Essie's Spring 2011 collection.
This polish is a pale baby blue.

I absolutely love this polish. It's my favorite pale blue polish hands down. Application was great and this is two coats. I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves pale blue polishes.


  1. omg, i have to get this!
    thank you for the post!
    it's so beautiful <3

  2. looks good! soft and simple!

  3. So pretty! have you ever tried to put any designs on this polish?
    would love if you visited ;)

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    I'm having a giveaway at 12:01PM
    check out my features in the meantime ;)

  5. This color looks fantastic on you!

  6. What a beautiful blue! And it looks flawless on you, lucky girl! =)

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