Saturday, December 18, 2010

Inque Nails - Christmas Plaid

I first heard of Inque Nails from Katrina over at Katrina's Nail Blog. She did a review on the nail stickers and I decided to check out their site. I have tried these types of nail stickers before (i.e. Sephora/Minx collaboration) and they were OK. When I looked at the Inque website I was impressed how you could customize the size of the stickers to fit your nails and the image you put on them. Not only do they have stickers for your fingernails, but toenails as well!

However, what really sold me was the fact that they had a Hello Kitty set. I'm a huge HK lover and can never find any nail art stuff. Also, they were running a promotion for 5 sheets for $30, which is a great deal considering one sheet is priced at $15. So I went ahead and picked out 5.
The first of which I'm showing you is the Christmas Plaid!

They come on a sheet like this. 16 stickers per sheet. This is just the standard sizes, but you can get custom fit ones if you wish.

And here they are on the nail! Just in time for Christmas! They were really easy to apply and I didn't have any wrinkles or snags! I got so many compliments on these and I cannot wait to wear the next set I bought.

Check out the Inque website. They are still having the 5 for $30 deal or buy one get one free if you don't want 5. They have a ton of super cute designs, so check it out!


  1. looks awesome! glad you tried em out :) and they definitely look perfect for Christmas!

  2. Thanks for doing a review on them or else I wouldn't have these cute Christmas nails!!

  3. wow. i also heard about them for their blog. and i went to the website and never placed and order but now I want to!!! cute pattern for christmas!

  4. so cool! I really like these!