Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orly Country Club Khaki + Konad

I love a great neutral polish and Orly's Country Club Khaki is definitely one of them. It's a gorgeous taupe creme. Simple yet oh so pretty.

I wanted to make this a little more interesting so I added some Konad. I stamped the image using plate m61. I used Misa's When U Say My Name as my dark brown. I love this color because it has a lovely shimmer to it. This mani makes me think of chocolate milk! Yummy!


  1. I really want that Orly now! I love browns. :-D

  2. Such a pretty color! I'm not really a fan of neutrals but that color looks stunning! I wish I knew where I could find Orly around where I live..

  3. i love this! its so pretty on you and then the design came out GREAT!

  4. ah, i realllly want this Orly polish!!

  5. Love the konad! those 2 colors go together so well and i like the creme vs shimmer

  6. Asami - Me too! I love a good brown!

    Melanie*Loves*Makeup - This is a great neutral because it's almost muddy brown rather than a flesh color, so it really stands out . I got this on

    Toesthatwinkle - Thank you :)

    Katrina - It's a must have!

    Gigi - Thank you! I love contrasting cremes and shimmer. Makes it more interesting :)

  7. love it! and now i want some chocolate milk...

  8. Cute color! Loooove it with the Konad!
    Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)

  9. Nail Designs - Thanks girl :)

    Polish Lava - Thanks! Me too lol

    Lois - I'm so glad you like it! Thank you so much for following :)